We craft the design of Schedio's white papers monthly, assisting the company in sharing its expertise with end customers.

We develop monthly white papers that illustrate the features of Schedio's machinery processes and various solutions offered. These documents include tables, graphs, and infographics, along with typical company communication elements.

The white papers are published on Schedio's website and social media channels (LinkedIn), but they are also printed by us directly for physical consumption by end customers.


We create photo and video content for LinkedIn to effectively communicate Schedio's expertise on the web.

We design posts for publication on LinkedIn on behalf of Schedio. These posts include static images or carousels for white papers, events and trade shows, partnerships, and product-related communications.

We also format press releases that announce significant activities of the group to give them the right resonance.

Finally, we edit client-provided videos, making them suitable for online consumption and adding subtitles when necessary.


Awareness and product campaigns to effectively communicate the values that characterize the Schedio brand.

We have created various advertisements to position the Schedio brand in the European and USA markets. The visuals are divided into two categories: creatives aimed at increasing brand awareness and graphics focused on improving product knowledge.

All the concepts were designed to be adaptable for both online (Google Ads) and offline (print campaigns in industry magazines) use, in order to reach the widest possible audience and capture their attention with high-impact designs that align with the company's brand identity.

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