Innovating while respecting the previously established branding: our contribution to Freetime Club's communication.

Over the years of collaboration with Freetime Club, we have developed various graphic materials, respecting the legacy of the studio that originally designed its branding while innovating with a personal and creative style.

From membership cards to internal customer communications, and even designing a logo to celebrate the 40 years of the facility's operation, we have focused on modern and impactful communication, conveying the values of this cutting-edge fitness center.

Recently, we also created the logo for the Freetime Team, an association aimed at promoting a passion for cycling in the Ticino region.


A new website that reflects the identity as well as the actual needs of the center, with a special focus on navigability and adherence to the new UX rules.

In 2023, we developed a new website for the center, replacing the previous one that we had originally developed in 2008 but had become outdated. The new website features a more modern design and replaces some no longer needed features (such as e-commerce) with others that better suit the needs of the Freetime team (direct membership requests and in-person payments).

This new website includes detailed descriptions of the services and courses offered, as well as biographies of the team members who can now be contacted directly for inquiries or appointments.

The UX has also been completely revamped to provide users with a more immersive and engaging experience that truly conveys the philosophy of Freetime Club.


Advertising campaigns with different methods and purposes to allow the center to promote itself and celebrate its achievements.

We have carried out various advertising campaigns for the Freetime Club, with different objectives and approaches.

The "Train for Life" campaign aimed to reach a broad audience in the city of Lugano through a massive display on roadside billboards. The copywriting and visuals in this case emphasized the non-competitive nature of the center, which, while offering intensive training programs, focuses more on the well-being of its members.

In 2017, we were asked to create a campaign to promote the center's personal training service. The chosen slogan, "Customized Training for You," featured team members as the protagonists, helping clients achieve their goals with the guidance of dedicated professionals. The visuals played with the copy to create a strong yet fun and ironic connection, transforming the instructors into engineers serving the clients. The campaign also included the production of an internally shot video, available online on YouTube.

On the other hand, the campaign for the 40th anniversary aimed to celebrate a significant milestone for the center, communicating the importance of this facility in the Lugano sports landscape as the city's first fitness center

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