A new image consistent with the existing logo to give new strength to Techinter products.

For Techinter, a company specializing in automatic access systems based in Lausanne, we have created several brochures showcasing their services and products. Building upon the existing company logo, we have established a consistent graphic language that emphasizes order and clean design.

The design preference leans towards sharp and clean lines, incorporating parentheses from the logo as a metaphor for a door in various parts of each composition. Considerable space is dedicated to photos, which play a central role in Techinter's communication.

All brochures are produced in two languages, French and Italian, to reach a broader yet specific audience.


A modern and minimalistic website that immediately highlights Techinter's strengths and values.

We were commissioned by Techinter to design the company's new website, which was developed in 2022. The website has a clean and minimalistic appearance, with ample space for product photographs that enhance the composition and make the company's field of expertise clear to users.

The products section highlights the company's strengths, providing information about its most significant achievements and technical details.

The focus on UX has primarily centered on navigability, making all the necessary information about Techinter readily accessible to users for inquiries.


A meticulously crafted editorial plan designed to effectively communicate the professionalism of a dynamic and efficient company.

We manage Techinter's social media pages to give them a modern and effective digital image that conveys their dynamism and competence.

The editorial plan we have prepared for them is fresh and diverse, including photo and video posts, informative graphic posts, and others that play with humorous elements related to safety. All of this has resulted in an extremely dynamic page, with a feed that stands out from competitors while maintaining a professional appearance.

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