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The Iconic Rebranding of Twitter as "X"

A New Digital Identity: The Iconic Rebranding of Twitter as "X"


In a world where branding is the lifeblood of digital presence, we witness an event that will mark the history of social media: the rebranding of Twitter, which will now be known as "X." This bold change not only involves a name change but also extends to the logo and all platform assets.

Let's examine the details of this transformation and the meaning behind the new face of "X."


A Revolutionary Logo

The first striking element in the new branding is undoubtedly the logo. The new symbol of "X" departs radically from the famous blue bird, presenting a simple yet powerful and universal geometric figure. This choice suggests a desire for universality and openness, giving "X" an identity that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.


Colors and Corporate Image

The rebranding doesn't stop at the logo: Twitter's traditional blue and white give way to a more diverse and dynamic color palette. This change reflects "X's" intention to represent the diversity and plurality of voices that characterize the platform, infusing the brand with a new visual energy.


New Assets and Features

"X" is not just an aesthetic change but also a functional one. The platform introduces new assets and tools that enhance user interaction and content creation, making the user experience more intuitive and engaging. These innovations underline "X's" commitment to staying at the forefront of the social media landscape.


A Strong Message

Beyond the visual and functional changes, the rebranding sends a strong and clear message. "X" symbolizes the intersection, the meeting point, suggesting a place where ideas intersect, and conversations come to life. It's a clear sign of Twitter's evolution into a new chapter, retaining the essence of the platform but renewing itself for the future.


Twitter's bold rebranding as "X" marks a significant milestone in the history of social media. With a revolutionary logo, a refreshed color palette, and new assets, "X" presents itself as a platform ready to explore new horizons in the world of digital communication. 

At Grafpoint, we are excited to observe how this change will influence the social media landscape and the branding strategies of the future. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of "X" and discover how the new face of this platform can inspire the communication of tomorrow.

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